Screenwriter Petter Englund [original work]

A newly arrived foot soldier is helicoptered into the middle of the Vietnamese jungle to maintain a listening post that overlooks a river passing, alongside an already stationed, war-torn Sergeant whose previous companion just disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
An original story by: Petter Englund & Nowell Englund
Producer: Misam Avaz
Genre: Psychological horror
Status: In development
Format: Feature
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Set in Stockholm, two political rivals, belonging to the opposite side of the ideological spectrum, form an unexpected relationship through their kids.
An original story by: Petter Englund
Genre: Drama/Romance
Status: Script available
Format: Miniseries, 4 x 45 min
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MONSTER [Short, Teaser Trailer]
Director: Petter Englund
DP: Rasmus Frostell
Password: MS012021
A baggage handler plans the escape from his home country in the cargo hold of a Boeing 747; a gifted university student gets torn between newfound love and a scholarship that has the potential to lift him out of poverty; and a middle-aged man’s extramarital affair surfaces just as his newborn son is brought into the world. All roads start with the dream of one man, and end with «the City of Thousands» — Antananarivo, Madagascar.
An original story by: Petter Englund
Genre: Drama
Status: Outline
Format: Feature
Waking up from a horrible misadventure in the middle of the Thai jungle becomes the first step, out of many, for an emergent mother on her life-and-death journey towards coming to terms with an aching past.
Inspired on a true story
An original story by: Petter Englund
Genre: Experimental drama
Status: Concept ready
Format: Feature
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Content and rights: The content of this material is an original idea by Petter Englund, who is the writer and Rights holder of this Intellectual Property (IP). Producer or other party wishing to use or explore the material and/or ideas arising from the material (such as characters, stories, setting, universes) must acquire rights from the Rights holder through the Rights holder’s agent, Grand Agency. Any presentation of the material to third parties, before the acquisition of rights, can take place only in agreement with the Rights holder. 

Agent contact: Lena Stjernstrom (Grand Agency, Stockholm)
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