Screenwriter Petter Englund

A newly arrived foot soldier is helicoptered into the middle of the Vietnamese jungle to maintain a listening post that overlooks a river passing, alongside an already stationed, war-torn Sergeant whose previous companion just disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
An original story by: Petter Englund & Nowell Englund
Producer: Misam Avaz
Genre: Psychological horror
Status: In development
Format: Feature
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In a post-apocalypse world, Swedish university student Alexander and his father's new partner, Elisabeth, a Danish scientist and advisor for the public health authority, seek shelter for the winter on the isolated island of Anholt, after 3 long months at sea on a sailing boat. As far as they know, they are the only people alive on earth.
An original story by: Petter Englund
Executive producer: Thomas Gammeltoft
Collaborating writer: Nikolaj Scherfig
Genre: Adventure/Drama
Status: Optioned by True Content Entertainment
Format: TV-series, 6 x 45 min
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In post-WW1 England, where social norms have it so that a woman isn’t looked upon as a whole unless she has a husband, three brave women with different backgrounds decide — each with their own reasons — to sign on to a government program to emigrate to Australia in hopes of a more prosperous future. They have no idea what to expect on the other side, other than that their lives will never be the same again. 
An original story by: Petter Englund
Producer: Åsa Karlsson
Genre: Drama
Status: Optioned by Anagram Sweden
Format: TV-series, 8 x 45 min

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