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Jonah, 25, our main character, is a seeker trapped in the wrong context. He is someone who's on the search for something radically different than what the world is currently offering him. He's looking for an adventure in his life and is prepared to go the extra mile (read: naive enough) to get there. 

Wardrobe: Large tourist T-shirt, velcro sandals.

Other facts:

  • Won the highschool swim championship two years in a row, but never saw the ocean until age sixteen.


Jasmine, 32, is also a seeker but who has found her home on the boat. She's strong and independent. Jasmine is a bit of an enigma to Jonah at first, but that's only because she lives her life in a way not familiar to Jonah. She's a vagabond down to her core; she's not concerned with having kids or having her own family — everything she needs is on the boat. While not visible on the outside, Jasmine once escaped a family trauma.

Wardrobe: Anything that easily catches the wind.

Other facts:

  • Fluent in five languages, including: English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Swahili. 

  • Can open a bottle of beer in at least five different ways, using only her body.


Matt (or "Salt"), 42, is one of the founding fathers of the boat collective and a Type-A guy who takes himself very seriously. Since the collective's creation, Matt has been the undisputed leader (skipper). He's an incredibly passionate and vain man, borderline narcissistic, who always walks around topless. He's energetic and optimistic, definitely the most experienced sailors, and values loyalty extremely high. Matt gets along well with people from all walks of life and is the first one to stand up for any given crew member facing a threat from the outside, as long as they show their loyalty to him. The expression "he has a lover in every port" fits Matt better than anyone. Matt has a 12-year-old son in Tahiti with a local woman.

Wardrobe: Tight, sunbleached swimming shorts (at least one size too small)  and a shark-teeth necklace. When times get rough: Oakley sunglasses with cord.

Other facts:

  • Constantly rants about a larger "connectivity" with the universe.

  • Claims he lost his virginity to Amphitrite (one of Poseidon's wives). Unclear if he's serious.

  • May use expressions such as he's "making love" with the ocean whenever the boat cuts the water right.


Roney, 38, is everyone's best friend on board. He's a "doer", someone who never leaves a job undone. He always keeps the energy high in the group. He likes to play the guitar and sing at every opportunity available to him. Roney is probably the most athletic person onboard. He's a fish in the water and a master at spearfishing, but only eats plants.

Wardrobe: Upper arm bracelet in leather, tank top, gladiator sandals. Occasionally, yoga pants.

Other facts:

  • Doesn't talk to anyone until his morning yoga has been completed.

  • Afraid of heights (e.g. climbing the mast).


Ethan, 27, is the collective's introvert. He likes to read and to be in his own corner. He possesses many vital skills on board, including electrical and mechanical, but hates to get his hands dirty. As a result, any kind of repair or maintenance of the engine usually consists of him instructing somebody else what to do with their hands, while he watches from afar. Ethan may not be the most extrovert person, but he has great integrity and won't hesitate to speak truth-to-power if he finds it necessary.

Wardrobe: Long shorts (well below the knee), Hawaii shirt or XL rock band T-shirt, socks, and sandals. 50+ sunscreen.

Other facts:

  • Once read a 1000-page book about the softness of bread. Occasionally, he'll experiment and bake onboard (with rubber gloves on) — but always to his own disappointment. 

  • Disgusted by the texture of many odd things, including sand, oil, and unfortunately... salt.

  • As he very rarely takes a dip in the ocean to get clean, the crew will sometimes throw him overboard against his will.


Monica and Irene, 30's, a.k.a. "the sisters" are the only members from the same family on board. They grew up in an orphanage and escaped in their early teenage years. A lot of drama circulates the sisters. They may wake up as best friends only to become each other's worst enemies by lunch. The only one who keeps track of their dynamic is Ethan, who, for some mysterious reason, always seems to get it just right. 

Wardrobe: Colorful bikini and/or striped linen dress. Funky sunglasses in all shapes and forms.

Other facts:

  • Constantly argues over who was born first.

  • Were once in a relationship with the same man (to this day a dispute that still hasn't been resolved).


Irene, 60s, is the collective's "elder". She has never used sunscreen in her life, despite spending most of her life in full view of the sun. Occasionally, she wears a hat but that's it. Irene founded the collective together with Matt some twenty years ago. Irene is somewhat of a mystery and comes off as a bit weird. Sometimes, three days may pass where she's nowhere to be seen. An ever-lasting mystery that we keep coming back to is where exactly Irene sleeps. She may say "in the back" one day only to change her answer to "in the front" or "below deck" two days later. A floating, yet unconfirmed, rumor is that Irene and Matt once were a pair.

Wardrobe: Yoga pants, bikini, braids and beats, work gloves. Ocasionally, a straw hat.

Other facts:

  • Believes 1.) skincare products are part of a large government conspiracy, 2.) deceases spread through the landline telephone network.


Simon, 40s, is the collective's besserwisser. He's a cynical, heavy smoker who times and again seeks conflict with the other crew members on board, including Matt. However, he's a very handy man who punches above his weight when it comes to completing the daily tasks onboard, which may be the only reason why he hasn't yet been expelled. 

Wardrobe: Normal in shades of grey, usually a bit too small. Except for every Monday when he wears a Guevara T-shirt (because he died on a Monday). But most importantly: Toe shoes.

Other facts:

  • Quotes Guevara in almost every sentence, and opens every conversation with a stranger with: "What's your favourite color? Mine is red, let me tell you why..."

  • His whole cabin is a Marxism exhibition, painted in red.

  • Once spelled "donut" as "dognut" in high school and were made fun of for four years. Haunts him to this day.

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